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House Special Rolls

Arizona Roll

Seared salmon layer on spicy tuna. 


Olive Roll

Seared tuna, salmon, albacore tuna and yellowtail on spicy tuna. 


Spicy Dragon Roll

Eel layer on spicy tuna and covered with tempura crunch. 


Mazey Roll

Cucumber, crab meat, shrimp tempura, spicy tuna, avocado layers finished with tempura crunch and house sauce. 


Magic Roll

Cucumber, shrimp tempura, eel, cream cheese, tuna, and avocado on top. 


Space Needle Roll

Spicy tuna and shrimp tempura and covered with albacore tuna and deep fried red onion.


Red Dragon

Fresh tuna, salmon, and lemon slices on top of the eel, avocado, crab meat roll, and our sweet house sauce. 



Fresh salmon, crab meat, avocado, cucumber, spicy sauce, and lettuce. 


Red Snake

Tuna and avocado layer on the spicy tuna roll. 



Eel and cucumber roll topped with avocado and masago and house sauce drizzled on top. 


Cherry Blossom

Salmon and avocado in the center, and layered with  tuna. 



Eel layers on the California Roll. 


Kiss of Dragon 

This roll offers the fresh taste of yellowtail, tuna, and avocado, followed by sweet taste of eel on top and house sauce.



Take fresh tuna, avocado, and macadamia nuts, wrapped in a soybean sheet.


Crazy Horse 

Integrating chunks of salmon, tuna, yellowtail, avocado, and masago will satisfy your taste buds with every bite. 



California roll topped with various types of fresh fish. 


North Seattle 

This roll of yellowtail and avocado adds to its repertoire with slices of fresh salmon, tuna, and eel.



This refreshing roll is filled with sweet crab meat rolled with macadamia nuts, avocado, cucumber, wrapped in a soybean sheet. 



Salmon layers on spicy scallop roll.


Orange Blossom

Delivering a taste all of it's own, this roll consists of tuna and avocado in the center and covered with salmon. 


Aaron California 

A special sauce on California roll &




Avocado, cucumber, salmon, spicy sauce and lettuce, crunch. 


Spicy rainbow 

Rainbow roll on spicy tuna. 


Spicy Crunch California

Avocado, cucumber, crab meat, spicy sauce, lettuce covered with tempura crunch. 



Crab meat, yellowtail, eel, avocado, cucumber, and masago is drizzled with our house sauce. 


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